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Amulree. This small hamlet, located close to the geographical centre of Scotland, is one of the oldest cattle trysts in the country. The main features are the church which was founded in 1744 and the inn reputedly used by Bonnie Prince Charlie. Amulree stands at the beginning of the very narrow and scenic route along Glen Quaiche to Kenmore on Loch Tay. There are also walks from Amulree along Glen Quaich to Loch Freuchie. Located on the A822 at the northern end of the Sma’ Glen 14 miles north of Crieff.

the sma glen

The Sma’ Glen, or ‘small glen’ flourishes with all the picturesque beauty and legend of the Scottish Highlands in scaled down form. The Sma’ Glen follows the River Almond along part of the route used in the past by cattle drovers. At Newton Bridge, on the banks of the River Almond, there is a picnic area with information boards. Walk from Newton Bridge up Glen Almond to Auchnafree.

bridge in sma glenApproximately 200m after crossing the bridge over the River Almond as you travel towards Amulree, you will see a small arched stone bridge. This was build by General Wade in 1730 as part of a network of roads to control the rebellious Highland clans. Wade’s old military road can still be made out running parallel with today’s road.

ossians stone in sma glen

Ossian’s Stone, a large standing stone about mile south of the picnic area, is reputed to mark the burial place of Ossian, the legendary Gaelic bard in 300AD. Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Jacobite army marched through the Glen in 1746 on their way to Culloden Moor. The athletics meeting in the film “Chariots of Fire” was filmed in the Glen.
Sma’ Glen is located along the A822 north of Crieff.


ardoch roman fort

Ardoch the Roman Fort is one of the best preserved military earthworks to be found anywhere in the Roman Empire. It is believed that the first fort here dates back to Arcola’s two campaigns against the Caledonians, which culminated in his victory at the Battle of Mons Grampius in 83AD. The earthworks of the fort are very well preserved. The rampart still stands to a height of 2 metres at its northern end. Entrance to the fort is off the A822 at the northern end of the village of Braco. Park in the village and walk over the River Knaik bridge to the entrance.

63 Acre Severan Roman Camps. The earlier of the two camps can be seen. At one point the rampart was knocked down and the ditch back filled by the Roman builders, ‘such evidence can be seen nowhere else in the Roman Empire’. The entry point a few metres up the B827 Braco road junction with the A822 Crieff road.

gask ridge frontier systemThe Gask Ridge Frontier System
is the first Roman land frontier system in the Roman Empire, preceding the German frontier by 15 to 20 years, Hadrians Wall by 40 years and the Antonine Wall by 60 years. The Gask Ridge Frontier System consisted of a series of forts, fortlets and watch towers between the highlands and the lower richer agricultural lands. It is particularly important as the prototype frontier system allows us to understand how Roman frontiers changes and developed over time. The Gask Ridge runs west from Perth along the northern edge of Strathearn.

tullibardine chapel distance

Tullibardine Chapel. A small medieval church founded in 1446 bytullibardine chapel stone the Murray family for the use of the Earls and Dukes of Atholl. Marquis of Tullibardine is the title of the eldest son to the Duke of Atholl.

The church today is no longer in use but is well preserved with much of the original architectural detail still intact. Information boards.tullibardine chapel close

Open April – September. Historic Scotland. Located near Gleneagles on the A823.



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