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Attractions in Comrie
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Comrie is located 6 miles west of Crieff on the A85.

comrie bridgeComrie, from the Gaelic “conriuth” meaning ‘confluence of streams’, is aptly named as the River Lednoch and Waters of Ruchill join the River Earn here. There has been a village here since records began with the Romans calling it ‘Victoria’ and the Picts calling it ‘Aberlednock’.
Set in the heart of west Strathearn, this attractive town is an excellent location from which to enjoy the local countryside by going on a series of walks. Comrie has six interesting local walks, the main one being to the Melville Monument on the hill overlooking the town. A good walking map is available from local Comrie shops and cafes.
The Comrie Flambeaux procession is performed at midnight on New Year’s Eve to drive out evil spirits from the village. It starts at Melville Square. Huge blazing torches are carried through the streets accompanied by a local pipe band and villagers dressed in fancy costumes.

Earthquake houseEarthquake House. In the 19th Century a group of locals in Comrie, later known as The Comrie Pioneers (including the postmaster and the shoemaker), decided to record and research seismic activity in the area. It was considered that the instruments used at the time ‘were crude and inadequate’. In 1840, they started to devise more accurate methods of recording earthquakes. Seven devices using pendulums, one mercury-filled horizontal tube and two horizontal bar vertical motion instruments were developed, today called seismometers. In 1874, a small building to house the equipment was constructed.

seismological observatory

You can see a seismological observatory and information on the early history of seismology here, set up with the help of the British Geological Survey. Open all year. Located on the outskirts of Comrie on the A85. Turn left over the arched stone bridge signed for Trout Farm. Once over the bridge drive straight on (not to Trout Farm) and you will see Earthquake House in the field on your right.

comrie walks leaflet


Comrie Walks Leaflet. This leaflet provides excellent information on six walks from Comrie. The leaflet, with detailed colour maps, will guide you on spectacular views of the area, along river banks, the witch’s cauldron, peaceful woods amongst many others. A great way to get to know and see the are surrounding this beautiful little town. The Comrie Walks leaflet is available from Crieff Tourist Information Centre as well as local shops and businesses in Comrie. Cost 2.00.


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